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To investigate further, I Googled for: "Colin Tudge" religion

One result was The Pari Dialogues: Essays in Science, Religion, Society and the Arts - Google Books Result

In the chapter "Science, Religion, and Me Personally" by Colin Tudge, we see:

"I don't want to define religion in the usual ways. I don't want to say as many do that religion is inveterately concerned with the "supernatural". I certainly don't want to say that it necessarily involves any particular God who can be named and who must be worshipped via particular rituals and ceremonies." .....

"But if you take the view, as I do, that religion is and aspires to be the all-embracing narrative, the complete account of all that is and could and should be, then none of these common positions will do. Religion, the way I see it, embraces all formal disciplines, including science".

If this is the same Colin Tudge, perhaps his review of a book about science, which also mentions religion in the context of supernatural myths, would be expected to be incomprehensible to most of us.

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