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I made a comment in another thread a few days ago about worshipers in the RCC publicly opposing the pedophilia and other things being done they largely go publicly unobserved by the church itself unless its under fire. Ordinary people wanting to make the church more responsible for the actions they commit and ending that horrible form of hypocrisy.

I see this as being no different. We can't expect change to just come from those of us who don't worship at all. We can continue to make it public, and keep up the pressure for religions in general to be responsible for their actions. But if the faithful do nothing that change takes a much longer and harder road. We can speak out against terrorism forever, but the religion itself must accept that this is happening and disown such behavior as being any part of their doctrine.

As atheists we push to the forefront the things that are wrong with religions and the dangers they present. When people in those faiths finally start publicly acknowledging the wrongs being done in the name of their religion, it helps us as well as them.

Obviously it doesn't solve all problems, but it is a step in the right direction.

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