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Condemnation by word is all well and good, but real change is only intimated by conferences of the type. Islam must undergo a radical transformation to fit into the modern world and action, not lip service, is needed here.

This is real change, and it is politically important change. There are fundamentalist Muslisms who are attempting to persuade young men that Islam provides backing for terrorism. Statements like this from the peace conference is a powerful political rebuttal to such claims.

Statements such as this one is one of the necessary changes that would need to be part of a radical transformation. We can't tell yet if it is or not part of such a transformation.

We supporters of political change should not believe only in the macromutation of religions, that they have to make the sudden leap to adapt to the modern world. New species of religion can and must arise through micromutations, and one of those mutations we have seen here.

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