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Coming out in many situations is fun, exciting, and allows one to breath a heavy sigh of relief. I had that experience coming out to my family, friends, wife, etc.

It is also, for all practical purposes, damned near impossible to do when you -know- the company you work for is full of religious zealots. I've been in the employ of such people (in a small logistics firm) for half a decade and with work being so difficut to come by, there's no way i'm broaching that subject.

If I were not fired out-right (which would probably work to my legal advantage) I would certainly loose any chance at promotion and loose their refrence when I decided to move on. While I don't plan to work here forever, it's still a black mark that would make an already hard existence even worse.

So while coming out is fun, it can still be dangerous. If you happen to live and work in the bible belt, as I am, it's "don't ask, don't tell." -And if they do ask, pick a protestant denomination at random and be ready to name a church they don't attend.-

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