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Comment 2 by Flapjack

To be honest, in my experience within the UK overall it hardly matters. Only within deeply devout families or communities is it even an issue.

My own experience too. The vast majority of people simply don't care what I believe in or not. I simply can't imagine, certainly in England, losing a job because anyone cared what religion I might or might not have. And I'm quite sure if I'd ever jumped up in the middle of the office and announced ' Hey guys....I don't believe in God !' it would be met with the resounding indifference of people who couldn't care less.

All the more reason why I find it incomprehensible that a nation exists that proclaims itself land of the brave and home of the free....the bulwark of freedom, democracy, etc etc......where people do have to care what others think of their beliefs.

I begin to wonder if UK troops are in the wrong nation.....and would not be better deployed against fundamentalists in America.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 16:00:17 UTC | #875016