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I have huge respect for Greta Christina, so I don't say this in any way to belittle her piece.

But I find it profoundly depressing that she even finds it necessary to write it, in 2011, in the "land of the free".

I'm British and 58 next birthday. I've been "out" for half a century. I told my parents when I was 8 that I did not believe in god (they took me to church for a few years every Sunday so I could find out); they breathed a sigh of relief that they would not have to take me again, and that was that.

Since then I have never had the slightest problem about telling anyone I am an atheist, nor have I remotely feared it might have some adverse career or social impact. It's just a non-issue. If I wanted a political career it would still be a non-issue (we may have three atheist leaders in the three main parties).

Britain, and indeed pretty much all of northern Europe, may not have got everything right on the question of freedom of speech/belief, but this really is old hat over here.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 16:04:14 UTC | #875018