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Byrneo: I've always shot back " I don't believe in anything. I think." Sometimes, when in a pissy mood, I'll add something about not particularly caring to base my life on a bronze-age fairy tale dreamed up by cattle-sacrificing primitives. Then again, in Wisconsin, it's not too dangerous to do stuff like this. Yet. Lately it seems as though the cheeseheads are determined to turn this place into an Arctic Alabama. I work with people around here who seem to believe that demons causes disease and that witches and warlocks control the bank of England. Really bizarre, batshit insane stuff. Fortunately I work for a large hospital that really stresses "diversity" and attempts to dismiss me for my lack of belief, or my co-workers for their whackaloon beliefs, would not get too far. At least for now.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 16:30:41 UTC | #875030