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I felt bad for atheism when I came out. I didn't want to, I didn't want to give them that much more ammunition. But oh well, it's their hang ups, not mine. I will say that nowadays I think it's Christians that should have to feel like they're coming out. For example, someone close to me recently “came out” as a believer in the story of Noah. Ha, I had to bite my lip, really. I mentioned it was absurd but nothing more, how could I argue? I mean hell, there's coming out with being an atheist, and there's admitting you think Noah loaded an ark with two of every animal! -lol- poor bastards

Sadly though, over here some of us have to remain religious to remain in good standing with our families. For example, I have a cousin who recently served some time. I attempted to get her information so that I could send her letters and maybe put some money on her books, but I never got it. Her father and I had a huge falling out over religion not too long ago. Anyway, I recently asked how she was doing. “Good, I know she's teaching a bible study.” -christ- I mean, I don't doubt her sincerity, but I just want to tell her, you know, I respect you whether god does or not, and whether the family has accepted your repentance to him or not.

God damn religious badges.

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