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Comment #875066 by AtheistEgbert

Because I don't think new atheists are as rational as they think they are

That doesn't prove of any given form of rationality (e.g. embracing thoughtful critiques of the new atheism) we wouldn't do it.

nor do I think they are more ethical than the average Christian, nor any less politically naive

I don't see how that is relevant to the question at hand.

they have not worked out any rational ethics or politics, and that makes up the vast majority of their opinions.

Even if those claims are true (I dispute the first one on the basis of attempts at that, of which Christina's piece gives multiple examples; I don't find the second one convincing), it wouldn't be a problem unless one had to have original opinions. One's opinions need only be rational.

Now, to get somewhere, please provide one of these thoughtful critiques we should embrace but sadly do not.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:54:01 UTC | #875088