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Comment 12 by Sofa King Cool :

"He thinks that the so-called “new atheists” ignore how religion gives people meaning and transcendence, hope and morality, emotional comfort and social support."

We don't ignore this, some of them just can't believe we can be happy, moral, and comforted without belief in a god. Just keep it to yourself and don't try to push it into government and schools and make laws with it or say it is the only way to be truly moral. If the only way you can get hope and comfort from a god is by having a large number of people believing the same way then it must not be that comforting. Your so called "personal" god must suck if you need to be told how good it is for you.

Greta lists off all these ways that atheists are trying to help give people meaning, etc. Look closely === books, camp quest, daycare, etc. These are all wonderful but impersonal. Someone could send off money and be just as effective. The atheist community fails miserably to help people with deep personal meaning issues in life. The best sources, I found, are the podcast Living without Faith and the writings of Eric Maisel. I have also heard of several atheist volunteering in hospitals and hospices which is terrific. Support is needed in many areas. The interpersonal needs - death, job loss, personal relationships, etc. are often ignore.

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