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In the UK, the Scouts have a rule that 'openly-declared atheism is a bar to a leadership position'. I'm beginning to think that will not last too much longer.

I was a nominal Xian when I signed up as a leader about ten years ago. I didn't see any conflict back then when I did my promise. It was 2006 when I decided to do away with all that and declare myself atheist. But the bigwigs in my district seem to see fit to overlook all this as they value the contribution I'm making. And my group is more or less composed of people exactly like me - paying lip service to religious stuff. The parents don't seem that bothered either. The carol service near Christmas is about as Xian as it gets.

I think different groups across the country are getting to be this way. If you have an old, 'traditional' bugger in charge, then it'll get more religious. I see them from a mile off and the kids look as though they're going through the mill. If the population of the group is on the younger side, they'll concentrate on firelighting and camping. Very rarely do I find myself in an 'awkward spot'.

If it does come to a showdown and I'm asked to declare my religious persuasion, I'll tell them exactly what I am. My resignation letter is already written, I can walk away at any time. But they just don't seem currently interested in asking. And in the meantime, I can get kids to look through telescopes, magnifying glasses and do all kinds of great activities. Some exposure to the universe is better than none in my opinion.

Having visited troops in the US though, that IS a different matter. Never felt comfortable there.

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