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BAH!! Can I also get this app with Ipod touch?

I think you may be misled by the word 'app'. Technically it is an app, but it is also a whole e-book, complete with all the colour illustrations that are in the original book. That is why it takes much longer to download than an ordinary app, and that is why it is more expensive. You can't really read a lavishly illustrated book on a screen as small as an iPod's. Mike, in the note at the top, sums it up:

A note on what this is - i'ts much more than just an "app". I just downloaded it to my iPad and I've finally seen a reason to buy an electronic form of a book. There are lots of interactive features, readings of selected sections by Richard and beautiful artwork that really is best displayed on a screen rather than paper I think - although I'm sure the paper copy of the book will be wonderful, this is particularly spectacular. /Mike

Perhaps it should be called, not an app but an 'enhanced e-book'. Or a bapp? It is big and expensive for an app but cheap for a book, and it is actually both.


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