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Comment 10 by Richard Dawkins :

Perhaps it should be called, not an app but an 'enhanced e-book'. Or a bapp? It is big and expensive for an app but cheap for a book, and it is actually both.


So, I finished downloading it a couple of hours ago and have been reading/playing the app with my kids since they got home from school.

This is how books on ipad should be, especially science books targeted at the general population or kids. It's great, every couple of pages there's something to listen to or do in the way of an interactive activity.

There are some books on iBooks that are advertised as enhanced e-books, (George Carlins biography comes to mind) but the "enhanced" part is simply a few videos or sound files embedded in the book. This book (along with "Our Choice") are the only truly 'enhanced' books I've found on Ipad. However, in both cases the subject matter also lends itself very well to the format.

As for the price, I have no issues with it, it's priced very well for an e-book and I look at it as an e-book + so much more.

I still plan to get the hard-cover, however if you have an ipad I can't recommend the app highly enough; especially if you have kids that may be a little young for the hard-cover.

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