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This is very good and paves the way for what an e-book should really be. Most e-books, on my Kindle for example, are just a copy of the print edition and illustrations are difficult to display. On the iPad2, however, the illustrations "come to life" in full color and animation. RD and his publishers have set a new standard and brought forward the day when all e-books will be enhanced in this way. I have the hard-copy of The Magic of Reality too and it surely has great potential as a read-to/read-with book for interaction with kids. Well done.

Let's wait for the enhanced e-book edition of the Bible with passages read by the authors - Oh, sorry, too much woo. But you could have an interactive game of the battle of Jericho! That would have to be x-rated though with warnings of extreme violence and sexual imagery. Not so good as Reality when reading a bed-time story to the grandkids.

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