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I hope not, because that would mean that things are even worse than we thought. You see, anyone with a brain and a heart would know how to handle that situation. You blow the whistle, long and hard. If corporations X, Y and Z approach you to warn that they will withhold donations on account of your acceptance and recognition of a major donation from atheists, and by doing so you will lose money even with the atheists’ donations, then you just go public with that information. [Or threaten to anyway] You say, these dumb asses think their principles are more important than people suffering and dying from cancer. We would like to accept donations from all over, and while even many of us are people of faith, we understand that our differences are not so great that we can’t come together for the betterment of all. But sadly, it appears that at least some of the companies that bring you products under the guise of wellbeing and family togetherness, do so under false pretenses.

But, perhaps it is actually worse if there were no threats, just shadows -spooky shadows. [yuck]

I'm glad this letter was written and in the way that it was, honest and without malice.

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