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Comment 8 by Peter Grant :

Comment 3 by AtheistEgbert> > > > How nice it would be if those men who commited the rape were dragged out of their houses and murdered for their horrific crime.> > > > Eh no, that's actually as bad as a bad society can be.> If the courts refuse to give her justice then her society should. It would be an honourable killing.

I'm with AtheistEgbert here. What is it with you people who think we can solve problems by killing. We do not have the death penalty in the UK, nor should we. The US has it and the murder rate is significantly higher still, so it hardly acts as a deterrent and it never has. Nor can you guarantee that all convictions are safe anyway. In the UK had we still had the death penalty the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 would be permanent stains on our justice system even more so than they are now.

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