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Fucking Hell!!!!

As a current cancer 'survivor' - (on a chemo drug trial for a drug they know 'works' but hasn't been properly trialled yet in this particular carcinomic 'brand') - this makes my blood boil.

The almost prohibitive expense of cancer care continues to retard the progress of cure research.

Todd, I do not know how you have held back from knocking on Reuel's door and dropping him where he stands (I know, I know, violence solves very little...).

I can only echo others here and hope that you find someone who is able to put that money to good use.

Oh - and the cost of my chemo had I to pay for it?

$6000 per month.

For a bottle of tablets.

With all the side effects.

That I would happily put up with if it means I get to walk my daughter 'down the aisle' one day.

Or attend her graduation.

Or my boys graduation

Or see them walk 'down the aisle'.

Or celebrate their successes and commiserate in the tough times.

What Reuel doesn't see is the human cost in the obfuscation here. Incompetent and stupid.

All power to you, Todd - and the others who are part of this.

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