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When a man marries a women (any relationship for that matter)and swears to the women that he would not have sex with someone else than he needs to follow up on it.

But why is it regarded as so crucial that couples must commit themselves to this for the rest of their lives when there is no obvious reason to, and like you say they can be "polygamous/polyandrous" or whatever and be honest with each other about it.

This article reminds me of Bertrand Russell's essay "On Catholic and Protestant Freethinkers" (published in Why I am not a Christian) where he muses on a type of post-protestant atheist who will reject religion but cannot bring themselves to abandon various protestant mores.

Dawkins it seems is not that kind of atheist. I'm glad he will not refrain from writing this kind of thing for some suppossed tactical reason.

Thu, 29 Nov 2007 13:27:00 UTC | #87630