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I'm torn. My brother recently separated from his wife (not yet divorced) because she started a relationship with another man. He didn't fly into a fit of rage or seek to make her life hell. He just wanted to know why. He has thus far been reluctant to file for the divorce.

I suggested to him that if she wants to screw around (literally), she needs to do so as a legitimate single, unmarried person and urged him to file for the divorce. She's making a mockery of their promise to be faithful to each other, it doesn't matter if it's anti-Darwinian.

So I can see the point of dgr8test97, but I can also understand there is no obvious natural reason to commit to one person. Especially no reason to totally run the person through the ringer via sexual jealousy.

Getting too far, perhaps, outside the box…what if the other person you want to love is a relative, like a cousin? There perhaps is no obvious reason to commit to one person, but how does that apply in an incestual relationship? Just a thought I figured I would throw out there…..

Thu, 29 Nov 2007 13:43:00 UTC | #87639