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Comment 9 by DaveyJones :

yeah not much to convert... well except our fundamentalist prime minister and the delusional majority who voted for him... again...

Holland: less enlightened then advertised.

First of all: It's the Netherlands. Holland is a province, but was used by foreigners to refer to the Netherlands during the golden age when practically all our commerce and politics took place over there. Archaeic term.

Mark Rutte fundamentalist? You know he's VVD, not SGP right? Or are you one of the approx. 10% of Dutch voters who actually think Geert Wilders is our prime minister? (The shame the shame!) It's too off-topic to discuss elaborately here, you're on any Dutch forums?


'How Science Works: Evolution', Springer, 100 pages. by John Ellis (2010).

Call me an intellectual fascist, but if you can't even understand this, you've no right to contribute to this discussion. At least get your facts right.

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