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Comment 27 by StephenH

Please do not fall into the same trap as the religons... refusing to update the story of Father Christmas to move with modern times..

Santa : " OK Scotty.......just one more planet to visit. Earth. Then that's Xmas wrapped up"

Scotty : " I canae do it Mr Santa.....the neutrino combobulation drive is overloading !"

Santa : "Bah ! I'll just have to go back to the tried and trusted method. Beam up Rudolph from that homeopathy clinic he was resting at "

Scotty : " That's against regulations, Sir. A single molecule of homeopathic substance in the teleporter would rupture the very fabric of space and time ! "

Santa : " Ah...never mind Earth this year....they don't believe in me anyway...."

Fri, 30 Sep 2011 18:22:08 UTC | #876693