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I have the hardback but haven't read it yet. I'm a bit surprised there isn't a kindle version of this. Ok the ipad interactive version will be wonderful I'm sure, but not everyone owns, or wants to carry round an ipad, or for that matter a largeish book, yet may have time for the odd half hour of reading during the day. Some may just want to read the book when eating their lunch for instance which is much easier on a phone, ipod or presumably a Kindle, than an actual book.

I have a Kindle, but this is one time I didn't click the link that says "tell the publisher you want this on a Kindle" (or whatever it says).

This is simply not Kindle (current Kindle) material. The graphics are part of the message. Sometimes the text relies on the graphics for explanation, and the rest of the time for entertainment.

Perhaps Kindle Fire?

Having at last managed to read a few chapters of the book, 2, 5 and 6, I think the text is capable of being understood without the graphics, which however are indeed beautiful and not to be missed. I deliberately read chapter 5 about how days and seasons result from various types of orbits and axes of tilt as this topic often foxes me and I wish for diagrams, better diagrams, better explanations and/or some knowledge of the terminology. Hopefully anyone who started off with the kindle version, should it ever come into existence, would be incentivised to also get the book or app for the full experience. Though I realise this may be a joint venture where the text and graphics are inseparable for other reasons than reading convenience.

I'm assuming of course there are no images whatsoever in kindle books? I don't have any kindle books yet (aargh) as none of the books I felt an urge to buy, came - at least at the time I bought them - in a kindle version! I would've thought this one did!

(I noticed the statement that nothing goes faster than the speed of light... 'jury still out' on that one now?)

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