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Dawkins' reality check for children is that we will always live in a world where the strong dominate and exploit the weak. We are here only to pass on our genes and then become worm food. In the meantime, we suffer, grow old and lose all our loved ones in death without any hope of seeing them again. I don't think many children will find this 'reality' at all magical.

Dawkins' pet theory of evolution is full of assumptions and guesswork. (Just try asking him how sexual reproduction could ever have evolved, for instance.) He ignores the powerful evidence from cosmology that the universe is configured with extraordinary precision to enable life. He conveniently ignores the fact that the Bible contains numerous prophecies that have been fulfilled with great accuracy, indicating divine authorship. He also ignores 'supernatural' phenomena that defy scientific explanation or investigation but give evidence of an intelligent spirit realm. And he ignores the transformative power of God's Word to change people's lives for the better.

If you want your children to believe that life has no purpose but survival, and its okay to belittle those who believe in God, get them to read Dawkins' book. Alternately, if you want your children to understand why we are here, why we should treat others with love, and how suffering and death will be removed to make life everlastingly meaningful and joyful, get them to read the Bible.

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