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@Phoenix i commend your braveness for running into the lions den, However, in cristianity happynes and wonders is hardly for everyone depending on wich particular flavor of christianity is forced upon you, women having happy free lives with control over their own body? No deal, Homosexual? No deal, Don't want children? No deal, Wan't to gain professional happyness in science? No deal, Want to live with morals based on common sense instead of "because what whe think He told us so" No deal,

No your "god" is a sick man, if heaven and hell were real, and if following just one of the many many many religions actually is "the right way into heaven" I would prefer hell anyway because i wouldn't want to share the heavens with such a god, closing the gates for people who held up high morals all their lives and generally beeing a valuable asset to society because of choosing the wrong religion out of the tremendous amount of flavours we've got out there, simply is fundamentally flawed and evil!

Sat, 01 Oct 2011 13:26:03 UTC | #876921