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Dawkins' pet theory of evolution is full of assumptions and guesswork. (Just try asking him how sexual reproduction could ever have evolved, for instance.)

Oh! dear! See if you can find a map showing your nearest library, and then look for the sections on Biology, Nature, Wild-life and Evolution.

... Or you could Google a few topics - LUCA , monoecious, dioesious, hemaphrodite, or "evolution of sexuality".

He ignores the powerful evidence from cosmology that the universe is configured with extraordinary precision to enable life.

Nope! The laws of physics and the creation of elements in stars are discussed at length here on this site, as is the organic chemistry enabling life. It is usually those who have no idea how any of this works, who claim "god-did-it-by-magic", - as the only idea THEY can come up with!

If you want your children to believe that life has no purpose but survival, and its okay to belittle those who believe in God, get them to read Dawkins' book.

Purpose is a matter of human choice. For some it is a thought-out rational choice of morality and aspirations.

Others choose the delusion - that self-serving superstitious nonsense, - spoon-fed to them by those manipulative preachers claiming to have a supernatural phone line to a magic friend, (which backs up their own confused dogmatic views), tells them what their "purpose" is! (Usually the purpose is to support and spread the spoon-fed dogma and contribute money to the organisation)

Sometimes they use books written by those of similar ilk in past ages of ignorance, but these are woefully confused, fanciful and immoral stories which can't be taken literally, so there are hundreds of "interpretations" going around according to the "flavour of the sect" and the incredulity of the congregation!

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