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You want me to alternate between these two explanations? That's going to be a challenge...

if you want your children to understand why we are here,

Something about a walking and talking snake - right? What do you mean "It's metaphorical"? Which bits are literal? How can you possibly know?

why we should treat others with love,

I'm sure that the Gileadites were expressing their love for the Ephraimites as they slaughtered them.

I'm also sure that your god was expressing his love for humanity as he drowned the vast majority of them (including children) in a global flood.

What do you mean "That's just the Old Testament. I'm talking about the New Testament"? If you ignore the Old Testament then you have to throw out the ten commandments and your creation myths.

and how suffering and death will be removed to make life everlastingly meaningful and joyful, get them to read the Bible.

Sounds like something out of last week's Cybermen episode of Dr Who (a series that has more to offer to my children than your collection of desert tribe myths).

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