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if you want your children to understand why we are here, why we should treat others with love, and how suffering and death will be removed to make life everlastingly meaningful and joyful, get them to read the Bible.

I did read the Bible as a child and had no difficulty recognising it for what it was: a tedious compilation of man-made fantasies. There is nothing divine in it, nothing that could not have been made up by the ignorant people who wrote it. Besides, the various verses giving, in gruesome detail, instructions on how to perform genocide are not all that suitable for children.

Why are we here? I suppose, adopting your point of view, that it is to accept Jesus as our saviour and then, being granted eternal life, to praise the Lord our creator in all eternity. Or else...

“Love me or I will torture you forever,” that is basically your God’s message.

And you come here, speaking of ‘meaning’, and ‘love’ and ‘suffering’, words that you evidently do not understand. You are like the rape victim who defends her abuser against the police. You have been mentally raped by a book. It has destroyed what was left of your critical faculties and replaced them with virulent nonsense.

There is no ‘why’. You’re not part of a plan. Deal with it like a grown-up and stop trying to find answers to meaningless questions in an outdated book that was written by people who didn’t know better.

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