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“... and created Eve, so that he didn't have to be so lonely?” Hahahaha. Poor Adam hadn’t come across a good practical book called Positive Solitude. That would have helped him – but only wasted his genetic material. Hahaha.

Apples are fine especially in a crumble, baked and smothered in cream! Yum. That taught me to appreciate the bounty available in our world for our consumption. How wonderful a world we live in!

Didn’t teach me about mitochondria and what power houses they are and just how many of them there are in any one cell. And how without them we wouldn't be here as complex organisms. That's only a start - anyone here can tell I am reading Nick Lane's book on Power, Sex, Suicide. Engrossing!!! I am so transparent! Hahaha.

Blimey. And the religites want me to believe in a ‘gross and clumsy’ magic written by people who didn't know Jack Schidtt about anything much except how to get food into their mouths and build shelters and boats (not their fault; they just jumped the gun a few centuries too early and didn't like living with uncertainty). Of course their explanations couldn't possibly come close to the amazing ‘fineness and exactitude’ of evolutionary biochemistry.

Sorry religites (it is now the 21st Century duh!!), you don’t even come near to cutting the mustard. You just ain’t got nothing to tempt me. Back to apples again. Hahaha.

All my best to all of us V

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