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I suspect that you're simply a time-wasting troll so I will be very brief in dealing with your ill-informed comments:

"Dawkins' reality check for children is that we will always live in a world where the strong dominate and exploit the weak."

An utterly useless, sweeping and meaningless generalisation that doesn't follow at all. IE, If it was true that "we will always live in a world where the strong dominate and exploit the weak" then you can always blame your "benign" God for that and using such a sadistically cruel and entirely arbitrary mechanism as natural selection to achieve such an uncertain outcome.

"We are here only to pass on our genes and then become worm food."

So what?

What are you going to do about it? Have a good cry?

Your whole reasoning is based on a false Teleological premise that Life has to have a purpose. Who exactly says that it has to? If there is an apparent purpose to life then it is merely to perpetuate itself and that's it.

In the greater scheme of things you should be very thankful that you even have an existence to enjoy at all and make the very most of your very temporal life while you still can. It might help if you follow the biological imperative that is hard wired into human beings and other living creatures not to harm others as was recently pointed on a recent Horizon programme (our very biology makes it very difficult to hurt or harm others - not god or some Late Bronze Age myths):

"In the meantime, we suffer, grow old and lose all our loved ones in death without any hope of seeing them again."

And how does believing a comforting lie (especially when you know it is a lie) that is based on absolutely nothing whatsoever other than the fanciful myths of superstitious, illiterate goat-herders living in the Middle-East during the Late Bronze Age change this state of affairs one iota?

"I don't think many children will find this 'reality' at all magical."

Well maybe they find your fact-free spin "magical" but I beg to differ and think that children should be given the chance to make up their own minds as to what they find "magical" or not. Luckily for children so does Richard Dawkins.

"Dawkins' pet theory of evolution is full of assumptions and guesswork."

Parading your pathetic pig-ignorance about the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection only confirms how important Richard Dawkins new book is vitally needed for a largely ignorant and scientifically illiterate general public.

BTW, The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is not Richard Dawkin's "pet theory" is actually Charles Darwins and is universally accepted by the overwhelming majority of scientists world wide from fields ranging from Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biology, Genetic Engineering, Geology, Paleontology, Physics, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Just to get a true sense of how utterly overwhelming that majority really is then I suggest that you find out more about Project Steve:

"(Just try asking him how sexual reproduction could ever have evolved, for instance.)"

Like this?

Or there is a great article that refutes the baseless, evidence-free Cretinist claim that "Sex is too complex for its origin to be explained by evolution" right here:

Amazing what one can find out on Google in just a few seconds when one has genuine questions about how Evolution happens in the natural world.

"He ignores the powerful evidence from cosmology that the universe is configured with extraordinary precision to enable life."

I take it that you're completely unaware of the Anthropic Principle?

The Argument from Design (put forward by Theologians such as William Paley) has been refuted by many mathematicians, philosophers (such as the influential David Hume mentioned in the article above) and scientists:

Again, the problem is imposing a blinkered Teleological view on an Universe that simply doesn't require it and fails to consider all the other possibilities such as a Multiverse or that we may live in a cyclical universe that goes through regular periods of creation and destruction over Trillions of Millenia, etc:

"He conveniently ignores the fact that the Bible contains numerous prophecies that have been fulfilled with great accuracy, indicating divine authorship."

Such as?

"He also ignores 'supernatural' phenomena that defy scientific explanation or investigation but give evidence of an intelligent spirit realm."

Such as?

This should be fun.

"And he ignores the transformative power of God's Word to change people's lives for the better."

Personal anecdote or subjective experience is simply not objective evidence and this tells us all that you really don't know the difference.

"If you want your children to believe that life has no purpose but survival, and its okay to belittle those who believe in God, get them to read Dawkins' book."

Or if you want people to know the actual truth about their existence, why they exist and how beautiful and magical life really is then tell them to read any of Dawkin's books including his new one.

"Alternately, if you want your children to understand why we are here, why we should treat others with love, and how suffering and death will be removed to make life everlastingly meaningful and joyful, get them to read the Bible."

Alternatively if you want to bewilder, confuse or frighten your children with threats of hell fire; to value non-existent things over a material reality that at least has actual proof in its favour; to disregard the importance of actual evidence in favour of fact-free assertions; want them to grow up to be vain, superficial, narcissists who are hopelessly lost in their own self-regarding Solipsism that likes to pretend that everything has been created purely for their benefit; need a psychological crutch to cope with the mere idea that they are mortal and won't live forever; want to keep your children in the perpetual immaturity then by all means get them to read (assuming they're capable of even doing that) a highly selective, heavily edited book of infantile myths of ignorant, illiterate primitives such as the Bible or the Koran or the Torah, etc, etc, etc.

That was easy but then it is like shooting fish in a barrel. It's a very good thing for us smart people that your Cretinist colleagues as are solidly stupid as you obviously are.

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