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If there is an advantage to be had by sensing light. 'Eyes', or other light sensing methods, will evolve. Even plants, no eyes, make sure to reach for the sun.

If we believe planets orbiting a star are the most likely places to produce life. Then I wouldn't be surprised to find eyes on aliens.

On the other hand, if i remember correctly. A lot of life on earth consists of bacteria in the earths crust, slowly munching away whatever they deem munchable. Maybe these are the most prolific aliens, who knows? I just wish i'm still around when they find out.

Comment 8 by Alan4discussion :

It's amazing how many humanoid bipeds turn up in 1G artificial gravity fields ! - Even among the robots!

Indeed, especially the robots. Amazing.

Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:05:33 UTC | #877337