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Comment 5 by manilla_wise :

[b]--they've had thousands of years to perfect this sickness and it is nearly flawless.[/b]

I understand what you mean, but the idea that religion is nearly flawless bothers me.

Anything, including religion (upon which I was unknowingly, foolishly Indoctrinated as a Catholic in North Belfast Ireland, of all places) existing with a flaw in it can be perfect.

All religions are full of holes, lies, scandals, immoral doings, and other misleading practices for the purpose of mass morals, and with that I feel it is up to us to expose these flaws to the mislead people, so as to further science with how science should be and always has been furthered, with facts.

I am on this very forum because of a single flaw, or moral as I see it, that my Father taught me when I was young, about how religion alienated him and his ability to marry my mother. I

would like to tell that story on here someday perhaps, as I feel, or more importantly I know it could inspire others who are in the religious situation I was in at one stage.

The flaws are religions biggest weakness and I feel they should be used as a primary source of converting others the way I was simply converted by one factual story told me when I was young.

I do not know what God is, but I can tell you what "he" is NOT.

Thanks to my Father (Not Religion) I saw through their charade.

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