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Having now read the comments for the article on the originating site this has moved me closer to a position a dear friend expressed after having watching "The Life of Brain" I had sent him as a gift. The following is his response after me prompting him for his thoughts on the film:

Sorry that I did not share your enthusiasm about THE LIFE OF BRIAN. I admit, it was entertaining. But all my “thinking” life I was laughing in disgust about the idiotic people who behave like the lot depicted in the film. Real life experience was for me at first puzzling, then sickening and later on at least as amusing as the film. I agree that the film was sadly true to life and had its comical moments. But they were not entirely to my taste. I can’t laugh about the religious crackpots anymore; I find them just plain disgusting. That was the reason why I did not laugh about the satire as much as you. I have a serious problem with the subject of Religion. I hate it and would like that it disappears from my world. On the other side it produced a lot of though-provoking discussions, which cleared my mind on this subject. I would not like to have missed these. These days I prefer subjects on Science and Technology. But don’t get me wrong, any attack against the crackpot society I support. I hope that you will feed me with more material that is worthwhile to think about.

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