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I invite everyone to express their deepest sympathies to Richard as he recovers from being subjected to the imbecilic rantings of Bill O'Reilly.

Incidentally, if you go on YouTube you can see a version of this where O'Reilly says that Richard broke the 8th commandment by lying and telling reporters that O'Reilly yelled at him (it's the 9th commandment, you idiot) in the '09 interview. Then he said that he forgave Richard and let him back on the show because forgiveness is a Christian value. Sorry, Bill. You're the one who's lying. You DID yell at him last time. I still get a kick out of Richard telling him, "Will you listen to me and stop shouting at me?" in the '09 interview.

Oh, and I sent Bill O'Reilly a PM through his YouTube channel in which I reminded him that Richard's current book is NOT The God Delusion and that he should grow up and stop bringing every interview with Richard back to his lack of belief in God.

And ever see this gem? "How'd the moon get there?"


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