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Because truth is a big part of ethics, it was good to promote science on such an unethical & unscientific program. O'Reilly's belief in belief stance probably bodes well for the progression of goodness because it's better than believing the horrid mythology. -it's worth keeping in mind that conservative minds are disabled: they lack sufficient endocannabinoids to allow meaningful thought-plasticity, and lack various configurations of brain-hardware to change their thoughts such that they track reality as well as they should without lots of help. We should help the disabled people of ethically-conservative variety via education; I'm being serious... disability is not a joke, ethically-conservative, tradition-based thinking is a massive threat to well-being and it should be stopped via education. -it's not about convincing those with conservative minds that they are 'idiots' (a crap term anyway), but it should be about promoting well-being... realising one's beliefs are wrong is not as bad as it should feel for those of O'Reillys brain variety... he needs help, he has been hurt in the past as so many have been and we all need help to change for the better.

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 02:14:09 UTC | #879618