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Do you deem the question unanswerable, or are you simply dying to know just like all of us? ;)

I'd like very much to know. As I've said in the above posts, I'd like there to be breakthroughs in stem cell research and a million other POTENTIAL areas of research, but liking something is very different to thinking we'll have it shortly.

In some areas we've actually regressed e.g. manned space travel and supersonic passenger transport. Then there's standard of living: working hours are higher, commute times longer, can one average income-earner pay for a house like he could 50 years ago?

You have again put personal expectations of scientists and political issues in the same basket. Regress in space flight and transportation has to do with political and economic issues more than anything else. It's hard to argue that it's the science that's holding us back from further space exploration.

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