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Your assertion that scientific progress is slowing, or plateauing, is based on specific questions rather than looking at the progress as a whole. If we somehow managed to clearly observe dark matter before next year, would your position as a whole change?

Well I gave at least a dozen examples to support my argument that the pace of scientific discovery is slowing down, while you didn't give any to support your argument, that science was speeding up. If we cracked the mystery of dark matter tomorrow, that would be great and one of the first (if not THE first) major discovery this century.

How many years of stagnation would have to pass before you would change your mind?

I have not asserted that scientific progress is speeding up, you have asserted the contrary. You haven't showed "slows" in science, you've simply chosen issues of great interest and attested to your displeasure. You've chosen words like "stagnation" to describe the work of scientists in the past century. That's an extraordinary claim.

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