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My family is Southern Baptist, but my parents wanted to raise their children outside of the church. My father doesn't believe in religion, but the rest of my family does. The first time I went to "family Christmas" I was six years old and didn't know a thing about God. I was so excited for Christmas because at the time, that meant presents to me. And what child wouldn't be excited about presents? Well long story short, I was very excited. My aunt then asked me, "Callie do you know what Christmas is about?" I of course responded, "Presents!" She was so appalled at what I said that she replied, "No! Christmas is about the birth of your lord and savior Jesus Christ!" I was rather puzzled at this and replied, "Who is this Jesus guy?" and "If it is his birthday then where is he? I'll give him my presents." I swear someone dropped a plate or something breakable when I said that. My aunt was very angry with me and smacked me on the behind saying, "Naughty children go straight to hell!" I turned around and asked her if she was going to hell. She responded, "Why heavens no, I am a Christian and go to church!" I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Well if you're not going to hell, then I guess that hell isn't such a bad place to be then." Good God she was so angry with me after that!

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