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Unless you are both vegan and never used toothpaste (tested in animals), I refuse to argue with you in defense of the morality of such an experiment by Nicolelis team. What´s wrong with you people? They are not burning the monkeys with acid nor chopping their necks to make bacon! I wish I was that monkey to use the virtual limb!

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has anyone asked the macaques for their permission to be used in these experiments? oh wait, they can't give it. i love how might makes right. generally, those who can exploit, will. bullies! i'm not questioning that these experiments have value for humans, only if it's moral to use sentient beings to carry them out.

I find it horrifying that animals are experimented on in such a manner. No doubt someone will lecture me that it's all for a great cause, so that very rich people get bionic arms.

Thu, 13 Oct 2011 18:23:25 UTC | #880593