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Being scared of Hell, or scared of the God of the Hebrew Bible, is small compared to being scared of a government that now ignores the bill of rights and kills American citizens it doesn't like, without due process of law. If you get on Obama's list, you're toast

Give an example of an American citizen who was put to death by Obama without due process simply because Obama did not like them.

I'll give two:

Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Kahn.

Now before I'm slammed for being an advocate for (or propagandist for) al-Qaida or some other such nonsense, let's make it perfectly clear that the laws of the United States do not allow for the summary execution of U.S. citizens accused of crimes.

The drone strike killing these two U.S. citizens was illegal according to U.S. law. I don't care what the two hate-mongers were accused of. It is against the laws of the United States to execute them without a conviction in a court of law for their crimes.

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