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Comment 25 by ZenDruid :

I am fortunate in that I was born a skeptic. My parents didn't even try to push religion on me. I remember having the impression that the iconic Jesus ( you know, Jesus in the garden with kiddies and birdies and bunnies and butterflies) was a bearded lady.

At about 6, I was accosted by a Baptist minister who hit me with that 'bad boys go to hell' shtick, and I came away from that encounter with the realization that there's absolutely nothing stopping grownups from being fucking* idiots.

*No, the word wasn't in my vocab back then.

Isn't it a little puzzling that a man as feminine as Jesus can be the main hero of so many homophobes?

Thu, 13 Oct 2011 19:53:15 UTC | #880628