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The 'unpalatable' truth will always be seen by most as belligerent because it undermines their most cherished beliefs. Face it, most people are ignorant apes and will remain so. Geniuses like Dawkins, Einstein, Hawkings, etc are the exception not the rule. Just say the truth as efficiently as possible those with the intelligence to grasp it will start doubting mumbo-jumbo and eventually discard it. Those that lack the intellect to distinguish truth from hocus-pocus will never give up their childhood imaginary friends and deluded comforts, at best we must ensure that this nonsense, when it appears in the public domain, is always met with a robust dose of scientific antidote and ridicule. This will incentives them to keep their silly beliefs private.

To embark on our quest for truth most of us had first to doubt the cherished beliefs that we were taught as children. That is why we follow science critically to gain an understanding of this mind boggling life world. Believers are not motivated to follow science. Whatever science has to say they already know through Chinese whispers.

Science education should include the scientific method and the history of science. Philosophy in school covering thought hygiene and logic would also help to clear up muddled thinking by adulthood.

Richard keep up the good work.

Thu, 13 Oct 2011 19:56:45 UTC | #880629