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Why the Beeb insists on inviting priests and other theologians to every program remotely discussing either evolution or cosmology, is beyond me. Probably for the sake of "balance", as if those religionists had anything remotely valid to add to those subjects. Instead, they get a platform to repeat over and over the same inanities about "meaning", conceding that science is very important today – which is undeniable now to almost everyone, of course – BUT (and it's a big 'but') keep arguing instead that religion have a unique, unsurpassed role to the moral and ethic values of our time, blah, blah... Sorry to break it to you this, Chief Rabbi, but it doesn't. Just look around you where people upholding those strong religious beliefs and morals have led us before.

When a 'concerned' Mr. Sacks said he "wouldn't like to live in a world ruled by scientific thought", Richard missed an excellent opportunity to make a point-blank remark of where a pious, religion-dominated world has done to mankind in the past (and are still doing in certain places today). 'Moral values'? I bet the good-mannered, Rabbi wouldn't like very much to live in one of those theocentric places if his chosen faith wasn't the dominant (and sole) force.

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