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It is a quaintly theological notion that only humans possess souls.

I'm not interested in quaint theological ideas. Least of all a bunch of nonsense definitions invented by medieval monks. What I am interested in is that there seems to be more going on than meets the to speak. I think the idea of an ethereal soul as commonly conceived is nonsense, but I am equally as convinced that something is going on.

The following video may be in relation to a fantasy film.....but the philosophy discussed is extremely relevant. Dennett, Chalmers, and many others of note discuss precisely the issue of this thread....and the philosophy of Kant, Baudrillard, and a host of others........the nature of free will....etc etc. I don't think I've ever seen so many philosophers in one documentary....

What I like is that it raises the real questions. What is reality ? To what extent do our own minds shape our perception even of the external world ? Are more recent ideas that the universe can be reduced entirely to 'information' correct ?

The best philosophical discussion I have watched for a long time.'ll love it.

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