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Comment 6 by RDfan :

When I think about America nowadays, my heart leaps with joy and my stomach churns in disgust. It's became the land of dreams and nightmares all in one. It's both amazing and fcuked up. Is the US still the world's last, best hope? Probably yes, sadly.

The strongest thing in America was the concept of "separation of church and state". Unfortunately that separation is blurring quite a bit. The speaker in the video has a point. They clawed their way up the ranks in politics. Want examples? DOMA and way back when in 1954 when "Under God" was added to the pledge of allegiance.

I have to agree with the comments concerning our unjust wars etc. We invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan supposedly to "spread peace and democracy". I should point out that both countries have adopted elements of Sharia law into their judicial systems which at least in the case of Afghanistan includes such things as child marriage and wife beatings.

We've set ourselves up as a self-described "police of the world" when nothing can be further from the truth. We imprison people without trial or legal counsel and often without charges in the name of National Security. We've apparently tortured people directly now as opposed to in the past when we left the torture of prisoners up to the South Vietnamese for example in exchange for intel on "Charlie".

In the early 80s, we began a CIA operation to arm, train and aid the resistance to the soviet invasion of Afghanistan which paved the way for the most backward Theocracy ever created possibly not to be outdone by Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Then there was our support of Saddam Hussein in the 80s even after he gassed the Kurds. Some have speculated that his WMD program which included chemical weapons was a direct result of U.S. support in the War with Iran which Saddam was losing badly until he started using chemical weapons.

Then there was our support of Augusto Pinochet in Chile who overthrew the democratically elected leader Allende killing him in his office with an air strike in '73. Pinochet gathered up thousands of people in the national stadium and tortured and killed many.

Then there's our supposed role in the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis. It's no wonder that the Palestinians resort to acts of terror considering they're faced with a bullshit peace process, a much more heavily armed foe and of course our bullshit stance of Israel has a right to defend itself in spite of the use of illegal phosphorous bombs, heavy handed tactics, alleged torture, and a country ( the U.S. ) which won't even enforce the halt of illegal settlements by the Israelis. I'm in no way defending terrorism. It's a useless tactic which just provides an excuse for the heavy handed tactics I mentioned.

Then there's our economy.... skyrocketing national debt, unemployment... China has gone from 3rd to 2nd highest rated economy in the world. According to some, they're expected to overtake the U.S. in 2016. China is bad news for the world for sure.

Anyway. I'm not trying to preach. I'm just saying that we're not as good for the World as we would like to believe.

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