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I am not so certain organization is all that necessary or even wise. Yes, we need lucid spokesmen to help sway more away from the light that isn't there- but what would make anyone in America think that without organization, the atheist vote might be somehow splintered?

If you're an atheist, you see what's driving the other side and you pull the "D" lever in the booth, in some circumstances holding your nose as you do so.

The problem the Republican presidential candidates have is that they they have to out-crazy their competitors to get the nomination and that will make them unelectable when the polls open a year from next month.

Overcoming local insanity for the House and Senate is a whole other ballgame and organizing and being perceived as a threat might just further galvanize their lunacy. Better, I think, to lay low, just pull the "D" and see how the cow-chips fall.

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