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As Hitchens mentions in the opening pages of "god Is No Great", prominent atheists can in fact disagree strongly on various matters without excommunicating each other. Unlike Watson and her stated boycott of all Dawkins' future works, I'd be very surprised if Dawkins should feel any need to "avoid" his old friend and brother-in-arms PZ Myers because of their differing stands on the so-called Elevatorgate.

Myers' Pharyngula blog is still one of my favorite places to visit along with RDN. PZ is funny, hard-hitting and eloquent. Occasionally I disagree with him, occasionally I disagree with Dawkins, but chiefly I consider the both of them to be important speakers for the noble causes of science and reason.

I second Steve Zara (comment 10): "I say we don't have or don't want heroes or heroines." There's no need to give ammunition to the recurring notion from faith-heads that "Atheists are just as fundamentalist as any religious people."

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