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sigh To those who accuse others of science illiteracy, can YOU explain to me in a way that I can gain a better understanding of the field? The reason I ask is many people who seem literate in the field are more interested in fighting those who are ignorant instead of curing the ignorance. I mean, we're an emotionally driven species and often times sensitivity to one's state of mind coupled with information is what creates impact. I admit that I am ignorant about climatology but, personally, I don't like the blunt seemingly smart-ass snobbish attitude by those who would rather criticize those who are ignorant (not everyone who is ignorant, is because of choice like Creationists and religious fundamentalist nut-jobs) instead of TEACHING that person.

And, to those who ignore me for whatever reason, I obtain the impression of snobbery. Richard Dawkins is blunt and passionate but NOT A SNOB. So, why do those who admire him, act that way. But, that's another story.

Now, those who respond to this, actually post your reply, please READ what I said VERBATUM. I've had enough of people skimming and retorting deliberately refusing to read and comprehend what exactly they were responding to. Don't accuse me as many on both the Left and the Right as a political scapegoat because of my ignorance or of any objections to how people respond to Climate Change and many of the top researchers involved.


Connor "Raptor" M. Lewis

Sun, 23 Oct 2011 05:30:17 UTC | #883301