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How is this lady a professor at Oxford if she isn't doing research?

I've been out of academia a few years now, but I recall professors (at least in Canada) having an area of specialization and then periodically publishing related papers. Does Oxford employ professors as 'teachers' who aren't expected to do research?

Incidentally, announcing that something 'causes' something else in the context of population should only be done in conjunction with epidemiological studies. I can't believe the arrogance of some people who think because they are educated and attached to a respected university they can bypass the usual scientific process.

I'm not too sure about technology impairing brain development in children. I'm constantly amazed at how smart kids are these days. When I was 5 I could barely speak in sentences (or so it seems) and couldn't read very well... kids now are so articulate and often read well before the get to school.

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