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Well, in this case I think we all know why she has chosen this way to "run her career"...

I have another question that might be a bit off-topic, but why on earth do the British insist on using these weird titles of nobility? I mean, in some ways I can understand 'Sir' or 'Dame' since they are titles you earn and reflect a person's credibility in at least some modest way. But, why use all these inherited titles like 'Baroness' or 'Lord'. Especially in an article like this one where Goldacre is criticising that science is being perceived as a cult of personality it's pretty ironic to refer to a scientist as "Baroness". Is there some law that forces reporters to use titles of nobility or what the heck is going on here? Another good example is Lord Monckton. Heck, I don't even know his real given name. Why on earth does it matter whether he is 'Lord' or not??? This is probably a cultural thing, but I find it all ridiculous!

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