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I don't see how this suggestion is inappropriate, or impudent, and in all seriousness, I can't see an argument against it. I hope it won't elicit an accusation of sexism, or of participation in a cover-up.

Well it certainly prevents people from getting out their ideas which are "based on personal belief or revelation which no one can say isn't true for them." Somehow this idea that "everyone is entitled to their opinions" has morphed into "everyone is entitled to believe their opinions constitute scientific fact." And once people believe this, the scientific process becomes an oppressive, elitist clique which only publish material which agrees with it and insults "certain" ideas (because they're rediculous) and must therefore be biased and corrupt.

This wasn't so much a problem when people were used to trusting experts to be more versed in their topic than the lay person. Now blogs inflate peoples's egos until every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they're a scientist equally qualified to judge and make pronouncements on topics they're not familiar with. And, naturally, anyone who points this out is considered elitist.

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